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The MakeUp Angel


MAKEUP SERVICES - Bianca only uses the best professional grade products. The majority of cosmetic products used are by MAC Cosmetics, Hedlux Airbursh, and Bodyography Professional Cosmetics.

Onsite services available at no additional fee within the Nashville area; extended travel rates beyond Nashville area please contact.

BRIDAL MAKEUP - Your wedding day look is precisely designed to meet your individual expectations to enhance your everlasting memories. The makeup devised is based on you and the look you wish to achieve, it can be as natural or as dramatic as you desire. Prior to your wedding date, Bianca will set up an appointment with you to discuss all the details including how long you will need her and if you will need her for your bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, ect. Touch-up services are available to freshen your look following the ceremony, or for pictures and reception. Bianca is available as long as you need her on your big day!

PROM MAKEUP - Don’t forget one of the most important days in a girl’s high school career! Bianca will create the most elegant, natural or dramatic look to top off the perfect prom experience!

COSTUME MAKEUP - Whether it’s for theater, Halloween, or any other costume party, Bianca can help you create the scariest or most elegant costume you desire! Contact her today for inquiries about your specific look!

FILM / TELEVISION / COMMERCIAL MAKEUP - Bianca offers her professional knowledge on cosmetic colors and application styles to bring creativity, style, and expertise to every project that is captured perfectly by the camera.

PHOTO SHOOT MAKEUP - Let Bianca assist you in creating your beautiful look with dramatic or natural artistry for optimal transference to the camera lens.

SPECIAL EVENTS AND OCCASIONS MAKEUP - Do you wish to look fabulous for your special event? Then the right makeup application can complete the perfect look! Bianca can create the elegant, dramatic or natural look you have always desired with emphasis on enhancing your natural beauty.

MAKEUP LESSON INDIVIDUAL - Personalized training sessions are provided and designed to teach you how to create the look you desire for everyday application or for your special event. Remember, Bianca does not sell makeup or other products because her purpose is to assist you in looking your absolute best by teaching you how to maximize the use of your own products and offering recommendations on new purchases.

Need a gift idea??? This could be the perfect surprise; it’s sophisticated, welcoming and entertaining!

MAKEUP GROUP LESSON - If you and a friend, or even a large group of friends, wish to learn the tips, secrets and techniques that Bianca uses on a daily basis, her makeup lesson can be extended to a small intimate group or as large as you desire!

MAKEUP PARTIES - Need a night out with the girls of pampering mini makeovers and learning a few tricks of the trade with demonstrations on one or two of your friends? Bianca travels to your chosen venues and accommodates your entire make up needs for whatever you desire! This is a great way to kick off a bachelorette party or any night with the girls! 

Bianca also caters to makeup parties for the little ladies in your life, 14 years of age and under. After all the time spent poking around through Mom’s makeup drawer, why not treat them and a group of their friends to a makeup party of their own? Perfect for birthday parties!

  • MINERAL MAKEUP - If you prefer the use of mineral makeup for your big day or event, Bianca offers BareEscentual bareMinerals as a product option. This is a great idea if you desire a little mix of skincare in your makeup. This award winning pure mineral makeup is so good for your skin; you don’t even have to remove it!

  • AIRBRUSH MAKEUP - If you prefer the porcelain look, the airbrush is your foundation of choice! Bianca used only the best products offers a wide range of shades to match any complexion. Airbrush makeup conceals while enabling your skin to breath. Airbrush makeup leaves a light seamless veil or color over the skin creating the illusion of a perfect face. Because it is misted on, it allows your true skin tone to show through without masking your face. The ability to mix airbrush foundation colors for individual custom blends is unrivaled, resulting in a more natural look that covers skin imperfections effortlessly. Since Bianca’s airbrush makeup is oil-free and water resistant, perspiration and tears are no longer a cosmetic problem. Simply blotting, not wiping, away any moisture will leave the airbrush makeup in place without a streak. With hours of all day wear, airbrush makeup will not fade or rub off on clothes, but is still easily washed away with a facial cleanser. Once airbrush makeup is sprayed on it dries instantly to a matte finish and does not require a powder or a re-applying at any time. Bianca offers airbrush foundation for any occasion. Please contact her for a consultation if you are interested in learning more about airbrush makeup and how it could benefit you!!!

  • FAUX LASH APPLICATION - False lashes are available for any occasion that you desire! The correct pair of lashes will vamp up any look! Bianca will work with you to custom fit your lashes, including style consultation/ selection, fitting, trimming, and positioning of the lashes to naturally enhance or add drama to your eyes!